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New York Art Consultant Builds “Cultural Capital” Within Italian American Community

After Promoting a Cycling Competition and While Securing a Theatre Production, Roberto Ragone Gets Cultural Foundation to Sponsor Historical Novel about Sicily

(New York, NY) In the past, Italian arts and letters relied on the patronage of such prominent bankers as the Medici. Their future survival, however, might depend on entrepreneurs and consultants like Roberto Ragone, who use target marketing and online initiatives to build what he calls “cultural capital” within the Italian American community.

On the heels of successful one-month fundraiser that netted the capital necessary to produce the West Coast premiere of Chiara Montano’s one-woman play A Brooklyn Love Story, Ragone has launched an Indiegogo campaign to publish Trinàcria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily. Like Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa’s The Leopard, this historical novel chronicles the destruction of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies during the Italian Revolution.

Ragone, whose professional motto is ‘Transforming Vision to Value,’ is managing Trinacria’s online fundraising campaign. He intends to raise the necessary funds to cover the book’s design, editing, printing, promotion, and distribution. Based on their giving level, the site bestows donors with an aristocratic rank from the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (e,g, Baron/Baroness, Count/Countess, Prince/Princess, King/Queen). Each title offers its own gifts and privileges, from bookmarks, calendars, and posters to formal acknowledgement in the printed novel, and an invitation to its official book launch.

This book campaign run until December 13, 2012. The campaign raised over $3,200 in less than a month and has already been written about in various periodicals and blogs. All future royalties will benefit the Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belverede. For more deatils, visit:àcria.


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