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2012 Spring Launch: Edition II

The warm weather is finally here! It’s the perfect time to get a head start on your summer reading list. Join us as we celebrate wonderful new works of fiction on June 12. Books will be available care of Ben McNally, and light refreshments will be served. The event is open to the public.
See you there!
DATE: June 12, 2012
TIME: 7:00 – 9:30 PM
LOCATION: The Garrison, 1197 Dundas Street West, Toronto

The Tenants of the Hotel Biron by Laura Marello
Laura Marello takes the historical facts of a string of famous artists living in the Hotel Biron in Paris at the turn of the twentieth century to create a fictional universe, framed by the aftermath of the torrid love affair between Auguste Rodin and his mistress, Camille Claudel. This novel vividly recreates a world where the ferment of creativity bubbled to the surface and caused an artistic and social revolution.
Summer of the Dancing Bear by Bianca Lakoseljac
Set in the former Yugoslavia, this is the story of the “rite of passage” of a fourteen-year-old girl befriended by a Gypsy clan. The novel explores Kata’s search for a viable identity, acceptance of death, and understanding of love, through the journey of solving the mystery of a missing two-year-old girl that occurred when Kata was eight. The story is set in a village community polarized by racial intolerance between the villagers and the Gypsies, where she grows up under the tutelage of her grandmother.
Leper Tango by David MacKinnon
An end of millennium tale of an ambulance-chasing lawyer who uses his ill-gotten gains to whore and drink in Paris, where he falls for a dead-end, suicidal femme fatale named Sheba. The first part of a trilogy of novels (The Graveyard of the Innocents), some set in Europe and others set in Quebec, Leper Tango recounts the lunar trajectory of Franck Robinso — a self-confessed member of “the despised and despicable sub-species of skirt-chaser known as the john”. During one of Franck’s regular free-falls into the Parisian night, he meets Sheba, who moves from being Franck’s favourite hooker to being his obsession.

Tracie’s Revenge by Wade Bell
Bell’s latest collection features a young wife who deliberately sets up her husband to kill or be killed; a struggling artist who is picked up by a mysterious six-foot woman at a bar; a girlfriend called Jupiter Moon; and a drill instructor who gets his kicks ordering a seven-year-old to march.

The Divine Sisters by Denise Boucher, Translated by Myrna Delson-Karan
In its portrait of seven daughters who reunite in a ritual wake for an idealized mother, Les Divines, produced in 1996, continues an exploration of feminism started in Les Fées ont soif, Boucher’s controversial play from 1978.

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