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Bianca Lakoseljac Tours Serbia

Bianca Lakoseljac

Bianca Lakoseljac

Bianca Lakoseljac will present at the international conference, “Language, Literature, Values,” on April 27 and 28 at the University of Niš in Serbia. On April 27 at 11 AM she will deliver her research paper: “The role of the author in fostering and disseminating cultural and ethical values through the contextual and textual dialogicality which takes place among characters as portrayed by a writer within the world depicted by the literary work.”

On April 28 at 7 PM she will take part in the International evening: USA – Canada – Bulgaria – Serbia evening at the Student Cultural Club. Bianca will read from her novel, Summer of the Dancing Bear, which is set in the former Yugoslavia.

After the conference, Bianca will visit libraries in Serbia and promote her new novel. She will also visit Holland and promote her novel in Amsterdam and Nuenen, where Vincent van Gogh painted “The Potato Eaters” as well as a number of his famous pieces. Have a safe trip Bianca!

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