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It’s Time to Celebrate! Join Us For Our First Fall Launch Party!

Greetings book lovers!  Summer might be winding down but in the publishing world that means it’s time to welcome in a new season that’s sure to be jam packed with literary eventsaward announcements and best of all, new books to devour. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating seven spectacular new books from legendary Guernica writers as well as a debut poet and novelist. Mix and mingle and enjoy author readings in the heart of Kensington Market this October.

Books will be for sale by Ben McNally Books.

DATE: October 2, 2011
TIME: 3:30 – 6:00 PM
LOCATION: Supermarket, 268 Augusta Avenue, Toronto

The Ecstatic Torture of Gratitude by Jill Battson
Battson’s highly anticipated new collection of poems pushes deep into the heart of the human condition. In lush and visceral language Jill explores loss, beauty, nature, Francis Bacon’s ordered hoarding and the meaning of Martha Stewart. Many of the poems in this collection are a result of collaborative artist process with dancers, composers, singers and painters, but above all they will live in your memory like a perfect pearl long after their first reading.

A Hard Gold Thread by Catherine Black
In this, her second book, Black weaves together the wonder, heartache, and “unlovely beauty” of a youth that is by turns charmed and disquieting. Straddling genres of memoir, prose, and poetry, A Hard Gold Thread is an unconventional memoir inviting the reader into a meditation on the engulfing beauty of the world and the compulsion to turn away from it.

Sweet Hope by Mary Bucci Bush
Italians as indentured labourers in Southern cotton plantations at the turn of the twentieth century? Entire families scrabbling to survive, dying of malaria, building relationships with their neighbours, many the first generation of freed slaves? Sweet Hope unleashes the little known story of Italians who came looking for a better life in La Terra Nuova and found hardship, misery and their own form of slavery instead.

ATM SEX by Alan Lord
ATM SEX is a furious collection of satirical sketches and fearless social commentary that manages to skewer everyone and everything under the sun, often employing the absurd lingo of advertising. In Alan Lord, we have finally found an unapologetic un-Canadian over-the-topper, willing to throttle the myriad squawk boxes of our out-of-control dumbed-down zeitgeist.

The Metamorphoses of Ishtar by Nadine Ltaif and translated by John Asfour
The imaginary world of Lebanese Canadian exiled poet Nadine Ltaif is rooted in the context of middle-eastern geography and mythology. Any attempt at understanding her poetic experience must be anchored in Mediterranean symbolism. The analysis of these Mediterranean symbols reveals a metaphysical process or a quest which begins with the exploration of the anguish of uprootedness and exile, reaches an emotional catharsis that desperately searches for a emotional refuge and finally leads to the emergence of a feeling of liberation and plenitude. -Antoine Sassine, Mount Royal University, Calgary

On the Birth of Experimental Cinema by Enzo N. Terzano and translated by Nina Robinson
At the beginning of the 20th century, the young unknown artists Arnaldo Ginna, Bruno Corra, and Leopold Survage chose cinema in order to expand their artistic expression. They paved the way for the outburst of the 1920s avant-garde films. Enzo N. Terzano studies how these experimental films fused painting and the new technology in fascinating and exquisite ways.

Amphetamine Heart by Liz Worth
Channelling punk and heavy metal influences, this debut poetry collection’s soundtrack is set to a backdrop of booze cans and broken glass. Written over a three-year period, these poems are linked by discomfort and decay, frequently capturing the urgency of paranoia and self-harm. Amphetamine Heartis about excess and the imbalance that it brings. It’s about people who don’t remember how they got home at the end of the night. It’s about broken illusions and the dark undercurrents that often permeate party culture.

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