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Wolff Interviews Roorda on Open Book Toronto

Julie Roorda

Catch Elana Wolff‘s interview with fellow Guernica author Julie Roorda on the Open Book Toronto site. Among other things, they discuss the effectiveness (or not) of back cover blurbs and Julie’s penchant for mixing metaphysics and body parts:

“I’m fascinated by the question of how it is that consciousness is contained in a body. Not to mention ‘why’ — a question I’ve pursued more in soon-to-be published poems. In Eleventh Toe I think my use of body parts was mostly symbolic. Courage Underground is a more intentional exploration of the tension between physical and metaphysical. It is a struggle that yields not only discomfort and frustration with the limitations of flesh, but also the possibility that flesh is, in fact, an instrument of intuition, a means of consciousness.”

Elana Wolff is the author of five books with Guernica, the latest being Implicate Me: Short Essays on Reading Contemporary Poems, to be launched on July 13th. Julie Roorda, author of four Guernica books, is also scheduled to launch her latest collection of poetry, Floating Bodies, on July 13th.

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