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Mary Melfi – A dialogue Between Generations

Mary Melfi

Mary Melfi

Guernica author Mary Melfi‘s book, Italy Revisited, is profiled by Bernard Mendleman in The Suburban.

“According to her mother,” writes Mendelman, “Melfi’s birthplace was a village where time was told by the shadow cast by the sun, wheat and olive oil were used to barter, and marriages were pre-arranged — as much about property as it was about love. Generations lived together, women helped the men in the fields and the aged and feeble stayed home to bake and cook.”

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Mary Melfi is the author of Italy Revisited: Conversations with My Mother, available from Guernica Editions:

Canada: University of Toronto Press Distribution (800-565-9523)
USA: Independent Publishers Group (800-888-4741)
Europe: Gazelle Book Services (0-152-46-87-65)

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