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12 or 20 Questions with Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn

Guernica author Timothy Quinn is profiled by Ottawa Small Press Book Fair founder Rob McLennan as part of his 12 or 20 Questions series of interviews with Canadian authors.

“In [my book] Octopus Intelligence,” says Quinn, “I tried to explore what it means to be an individual versus being part of a larger collective. I think there are aspects in which either perspective is both reassuring and horrible. As an atheist, free will and accountability are pretty critical issues for me. I don’t have the luxury of just throwing up my hands and saying: sorry, folks, blame the big guy.”

Read the full interview on Rob McLennan’s blog:

Timothy Quinn is the author of the novel Octopus Intelligence, published by Guernica Editions:

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Canada: University of Toronto Press Distribution (800-565-9523)
USA: Independent Publishers Group (800-888-4741)
Europe: Gazelle Book Services (0-152-46-87-65)

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