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Interview with Michael Mirolla by Claudia Del Balso

Michael Mirolla

Montreal writer Claudia Del Balso interviews Guernica Publisher Michael Mirolla on NouveauWriter:

“Technology is what we make of it. Some people forget that Guttenberg’s printing press was technology (McLuhan reminded us of this). Technology is what has allowed us to survive on this earth to this point (or else we would have been done in by the larger, swifter, meaner, more efficient predators a long long time ago). However, technology is also a curse and one that will eventually lead to the demise of humans—at least on Earth. So the publishing industry’s future palls compared to the tentative future that all humans face. If you’re asking whether physical books will survive and what that will do to the publishing industry, well let’s say that information, knowledge, creativity, the passing of words from one person to the other—all these things can be done just as easily with an i-Pad as with a physical book.”

Check out the entire interview at NouveauWriter: The online resource for new and aspiring writers.

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