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Spend the Holidays at the Trestler House

The Trestler House by Madeleine Ouellette-Michalska

The Trestler House by Madeleine Ouellette-Michalska

Guernica Editions invites you to celebrate the holidays this year by giving the gift of literature. With over 900 authors, Guernica is a diverse publisher of some of Canada’s finest poetry, fiction and literary criticism. We invite you to browse our selection of titles at your local bookseller, or online through Amazon or Chapters Indigo. We’re confident that you’ll agree there’s a Guernica book for every reader on your list!

Guernica’s literary gift idea of the day is Madeleine Ouellette-Michalska’s The Tresler House, a postmodern novel about shifting views of history. A young journalist covering the visit of a French prime minister to Quebec becomes fascinated by a newspaper photograph of historic Trestler House. Curious about how such a landmark sheds light on the difference between personal and national identity, he decides to research the history of the grand old building. As he tours the house and gathers documents, its many rooms become symbols of various historical narratives that describe place and time. Asking whether history can truthfully depict every aspect of an event, the novel considers the intrusion of memories and sensations into historical accounts and wonders about the hidden meanings that are not immediately apparent. The result is an intriguing story that shows how multiple approaches-including fictional narrative-often yield the most authentic history.

The Trestler House is translated by W. Donald Wilson.

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