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Essential Poetry for the Holidays: Sue Chenette’s Slender Human Weight

Slender Human Weight by Sue Chenette

Slender Human Weight by Sue Chenette

Guernica Editions invites you to celebrate the holidays this year by giving the gift of literature. With over 900 authors, Guernica is a diverse publisher of some of Canada’s finest poetry, fiction and literary criticism. We invite you to browse our selection of titles at your local bookseller, or online through Amazon or Chapters Indigo. We’re confident that you’ll agree there’s a Guernica book for every reader on your list!

Guernica’s literary gift idea of the day is Sue Chenette’s Slender Human Weight, in which you’ll explore a world both familiar and mysterious. Chenette finds, in her mother’s attic, in the French countryside, and in her own home, the richness of physical objects as they embody what is felt, dreamed, longed for, and remembered.

“Sue Chenette’s poems have that rare quality of being lit from within. Reading them is like discovering someone dancing, perfectly poised, alone in a room. Chenette offers us privileged glimpses into interior life, not merely described, but lived. It is curious that we speak of being graceful in quite a different context than being in a state of grace, but Chenette’s poetry, burnished, delicate, but sturdy, shows us both. Lucid, yet full of the mystery of complex adult emotions, Slender Human Weight is alluring and wise.” (Molly Peacock)

“Sue Chenette’s poems are gorgeously precise, writing a ‘careful cursive’ through the past, putting memories in their place. Slender Human Weight is full of the most elegant ghostings, as if Chenette herself were the life force, her sights on everything, from fruit bowls to faith, from buttons to full-blown love.” (Barry Dempster)

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