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Ten Questions with Sue Chenette

Sue Chenette

Sue Chenette

Guernica author Sue Chenette was recently interviewed on Open Book. “The poems in Slender Human Weight were written over a number of years,” says Chenette. “Some grew out of the experience of living in rural France, some are about family, some were written in response to works of art – paintings, or, in one case, a dragon that an anonymous artist had hacked out of a fallen tree on the bank of the Humber River. Many of the poems examine physical objects – the opening poem, for instance, is about a notebook found in a Paris flea market. I’m interested in the richness of what lies beneath the surface; the way objects embody what we feel, dream, long for, and remember.”

Read the full interview on Open Book:

Sue Chenette is the author of Slender Human Weight, available from Guernica Editions:

Canada: University of Toronto Press Distribution (800-565-9523)
USA: Independent Publishers Group (800-888-4741)
Europe: Gazelle Book Services (0-152-46-87-65)

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