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Sunday with Guernica Editions: An Interview with Antonio D’Alfonso

Antonio D'Alfonso

Antonio D'Alfonso

Guernica publisher, Antonio D’Alfonso, is interviewed by Melanie Janisse on Torontoist about multiculturalism, community and the future of great literature.

“A publishing house is a school for thought. If one cannot distinguish certain concepts arising from the books published by a press than one should ask himself/herself what good a press is doing to society,” says D’Alfonso. “Guernica has never been a hot press. It has always been viewed as something that stood at the margins. Paradoxally, I always thought Guernica was at the center of things real. Guernica was there at the beginning of pluriculturalism and ethnicity, we were there for the feminist and gay movements, we were there for deconstructionists and semioticians, we were there for translation and for international writers. I look at what has been achieved, with the little money we had to achieve all of this, and it is close to miraculous.”

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