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Laura Marello’s Claiming Kin Stakes a Hold on Tangled Blood Lines

Claiming Kin by Laura Marello

Claiming Kin by Laura Marello

Guernica author Laura Marello‘s recent novel, Claiming Kin, is reviewed by Sue Harrison in today’s Provincetown Banner.

“It is in the telling,” writes Harrison, “that sets [the novel] apart… you are told about random thoughts and words, and everything seen or heard or smelled, and the tangential paths each or any of those might have led to… But pretty soon, if one can let go of that linear thinking, a whole new vista emerges.”

Read the entire review on the Provincetown Banner’s website.

Laura Marello‘s Claiming Kin is available from Guernica Editions:

Order Online:
Canada: University of Toronto Press Distribution (800-565-9523)
USA: Independent Publishers Group (800-888-4741)
Europe: Gazelle Book Services (0-152-46-87-65)

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