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OAC Funding Controversy Covered in the Canadian Jewish News

An article in the current issue of the Canadian Jewish News discusses the recent OAC funding cuts to Guernica Editions.

“Though serving the Italian community primarily,” writes staff reporter Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf, “the publication also is home to a variety of ethnic wordsmiths, including a smattering of Jewish, award-winning authors and poets who are none-too-pleased by the provincial agency’s decision to reject this year’s grant application.”

“[The withdrawal of funding] puts a financial strain on us,”publisher Antonio D’Alfonso is quoted as saying. “This isn’t a money-making job. Everyone who works with us works for peanuts… Are books like shoes, ham or potatoes? We are a literary press. We produce books about ethnic culture, cultural pluralism. This is a slow process. When we started, ‘multicultural’ barely existed as a term. Guernica was one of the first presses to deal with such issues.”

The full article can be read on the Canadian Jewish News website:

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