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Tandem Covers the OAC Decision

Isabella Gagliardi, writing in Tandem, interviews Antonio D’Alfonso, Julie Roorda and Karen Shenfeld about the Ontario Arts Council’s decision to withhold funding this year from Guernica Editions.

“This is about how we live in a society where culture is not funded enough,” Antonio D’Alfonso says, discussing the OAC’s current grant criteria.

“Personally I feel that this is part of a larger trend,” adds Guernica author Julie Roorda. “It seems to me that the kind of simplistic business model is being inappropriately applied not just across the arts but to education and health care as well. That model works for some businesses, but I think it’s very damaging to apply it to these other institutions like the arts that are based on values that are different from commercial values, which are just about making money.”

“[At Guernica] there has always been a gap between commercial writing and literary writing,” says Karen Shenfeld, reacting to the a”serious concerns about… impact and viability” expressed by the OAC. “I believe that alone should bespeak of Guernica’s viability.”

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  1. Isabella Colalillo Kates says

    They are using business models to force the arts into a square peg of their own design. Under the conservative mind set everything connected with business is good and all that does not fit into the mold they reject or subvert.

    These unvisionaries see the world in terms of dollars and cents and they rail against the fact that the creative can't be pegged or canned to fit their tiny world view. We are dealing with the last of the neanderthals who want to use creative energy for profit at all costs.