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Holy Fools + 2 Stories Coming to Drawn and Quarterly this October

Holy Fools and 2 StoriesMarianne Ackerman will be launching her first foray into short fiction October 1st at Drawn and Quarterly Bookstore in Montreal. The book launch kicks off at 7 pm and will feature Ackerman’s latest book, the novella and shot story collection Holy Fools + 2 Stories.

In the novella, “Holy Fools,” a man on the verge of suicide answers the doorbell and is arrested for a crime he did not commit. His luck changes when he meets Tolstoy, a Lord and author of long books who is doing time for crimes against shareholders. A dark comedy about the game of life. Two stories complete the collection: “Nobody Writes to the Professor” in which a long-suffering scholar meets an old love and is offered a last chance at success; and  “Albert Fine,”  about a struggling farmer who takes on a hired hand, against his best instincts.

A long-time Montrealer, Marianne Ackerman was born in Belleville, Ontario. She has an MA in drama from the University of Toronto and studied French at the Sorbonne. Her three published novels include the best-seller Jump. A frequently produced playwright, her new comedy Triplex Nervosa will be part of the Centaur Theatre’s 2014-15 season. She is publisher of the online arts magazine Rover found at

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Hardworkin’ Homosexuals present…. EXPLAIN YOURSELF 2.0

Compulsive ActsThe Hardworkin’ Homosexuals return to the Toronto stage with EXPLAIN YOURSELF 2.0 “Compulsive Acts” on Monday September 29th, 2014, Club 120 (120 Church Street). Doors are at 7pm and showtime is at 7:30pm sharp. Admission is a mere $2.99 (free if you purchase a copy of the book).

Compulsive Acts: Essays, Interviews, Reflections On The Works of Sky Gilbert has been recently published and the Hardworkin’ Homosexuals want to celebrate with a party and performances! Guernica Editions and the Hardworkin’ Homosexuals have teamed up to celebrate the launch of this most important, very timely, super sexy and hyper provocative book that features writings, essays, interviews, reviews and a song lyric inspired by the one and only Sky Gilbert.

Compulsive Acts editor David Bateman says, “Come out and celebrate the launch of the first anthology of essays devoted to the work of renowned playwright, filmmaker, novelist, and poet Sky Gilbert.

Compulsive Acts, published by Guernica Editions, interrogates and celebrates a significant force in queer theatre through a rigorous historical and aesthetic response to the prolific output of one of Canada’s most daring and acclaimed queer artists.” Sky Gilbert muses, ”I don’t know what to say. It’s a beautiful book. I hope it’s not much ado about nothing; it’s definitely much ado about me!”

Confirmed performers include: Moynan King, Dirk Gindt, Bob Wiseman, Ellen Ray Hennessey, Scott McCord, David Bateman, Edward Roy, Katie Sly, Donnarama, Daniel MacIvor and Gavin Crawford. Video artist Ian Jarvis will premiere a short new video to celebrate the launch of this  exciting new book. Also, The Sky Gilbert Players will be staging their  premiere production at this grand occasion.

Keith Cole will host the evening and DJ Lushus Lix will take party revelers through the night in fine style.

The Hardworkin’ Homosexuals are: Moynan King, Keith Cole and Jonathan Da Silva.

Please Note: DRESS CODE IN EFFECT: 1990’s Combat Butch

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The Huffington Post Describes the Near-Detective Investigation by Elana Wolff to Uncover Langer’s Lost Book of Poetry

A Hunger Artist“All any of us wants is to be seen and to be heard. This longing is at the core of our human beingness. Most never get the opportunity to share their life story in a way that impacts many. Why some people become famous and others, equally as gifted, remain obscured to the annals of history is a compelling study in itself.”

Starts the feature by Beverley Golden.

With Guernica’s flip book and dual translation A Hunger Artist and Other Stories; Poems and Songs of Love, it’s easy to get captivated by the well-known Kafka. But, in this case, one of the most fascinating aspects of the book, Golden points out, is the story of Kafka’s friend Langer. Langer, who, unlike his friend, is anything but a household name and whose poetry, up until very recently, you almost couldn’t find at all.

“How this book came about is the fascinating part of this story to me.” writes Golden, “The Langer half of the collection took seed when Toronto poet and artist, Elana Wolff, was researching Kafka for an in-depth biography presentation at Arscura – School for Living Art. She found several brief references to fellow Prague writer Georg Mordechai Langer, (1894-1943), in biographies on Kafka and in Kafka’s own Diaries and Letters. There was little explanation or detail of why or who he was. She became intrigued and wondered, “Who was Langer and what was his relationship to Kafka?” It became her mission to uncover the unknown.”

In a world where so many books and so much information is available online, it’s hard to imagine a book truly hard to find. But Elana Wolff’s search almost ended empty-handed. The book was not available online, or in libraries. She couldn’t even find a copy in rare bookstores in Tel Aviv, and the only glimmer of hope -The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, had a copy in storage that Wolff was warned could take almost a week to locate. They also warned her that in such a case, it was likely that they might not be able to find the book at all.

In her feature on the book, Beverly Golden takes us on that journey to uncover Langer’s lost book of poetry from the moment Elana Wolff first reads brief mentions of the poet, right up to the moment where she finally gets to hold the book in her hands.

To read the full feature, you can visit The Huffington Post at:

To purchase your copy of A Hunger Artist and Other Stories; Poems and Songs of Love, you can visit the Guernica website at:

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Merle Nudleman on Howl CIUT 89.5 FM

True as MoonlightOn Tuesday, Septebember 9th, Merle Nudleman spoke with Nancy Bullis on CIUT 89.5 FM’s program Howl. The two talked about poetry, the importance of workshopping, Merle’s granddaughter Stephanie, and Merle Nudleman also read from her latest poetry collection True as Moonlight.

Nudleman read several poems from her collection, including “Flying Lessons,” “The Sacred and the Sea,” and “Stephanie Discovers the Moon.”

“Stephanie Discovers the Moon,” Merle explains in the interview, is a poem about her granddaughter learning how to read. The poetry collection True as Moonlight is dedicated to Merle Nudleman’s granddaughter Stephanie, who is now nine and a half, and has her own copy of the book which she enjoys reading.

Nancy Bullis and Merle Nudleman also discuss the importance of workshopping. Nudleman mentions that she workshopped the poems in the collection with Catherine Graham, who, in a funny coincidence, she had met years ago when both of them were both being interviewed on Howl.

Merle Nudleman, unlike many writers, has published all four of her books with the same publisher. She discussed that choice with Bullis and mentioned that she was very much a part of the Guernica family. And, we at Guernica can confirm this.

To hear the full interview, you can visit The Howl page of CIUT 89.5 FM at:

To grab your copy of True as Moonlight, you can visit the Guernica website at:

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Orville Lloyd Douglas in the Gay and Lesbian Review

Poet and professor of English David Bergman reviewed Orville Lloyd Douglas’ latest poetry collection in The Gay and Lesbian Review.

In the latest issue of the Review, Bergman dissects the “Vick” sequence of poems in Under My Skin.

“The most moving and fascinating portion of this book is a section titled ‘Vick,’ a sequence of poems about a failed love affair between Douglas, who is black, and Vick, who is Sikh. Vick is unwilling to give up his family and his heritage to live with Douglas. Instead, he marries and fathers children. Douglas is able to convey his love, anger, sadness, and resentment in a complex mixture. In the poem ‘Touch Me,’ he orders his interlocutor to ‘touch me, but not with your hands,’ and also to ‘soothe,’ ‘hold,’ ‘speak,’ ‘see.’ It concludes with the order: ‘Believe me: I do love you.’”

Under My SKinOrville Lloyd Douglas is a writer and social activist. His writing examines image versus reality of tolerance and multiculturalism in Canada from the perspective of a young, gay, black man. His poetry has received critical acclaim from George Elliott Clarke, who described Douglas’ first collection, You Don’t Know Me, as “bold and brash” and Ginsbergesque in “the same pell-mell rush of ideas and images that drives Howl.”

Under My Skin asks a lot of questions, questions that demand answers: Why are young black gay men invisible in Canada’s queer and black communities? Do their lives really matter? How do young black men deal with the daily challenges of dealing with multiple oppressions in relation to our race and gender? Is Canada truly a multicultural nation? Why are the brothers dying due to gun violence on the streets of Toronto?

To purchase your copy of Under My Skin, you can visit the Guernica Website at:

To read the full review, you can go to The Gay and Lesbian Review at the following:

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Northumberland Today: “Nixon’s poetry is very much a verb, on the move, action packed, energized”

The Fissures of Our ThroatsThe Northumberland Today read Edward Nixon’s first full poetry collection and was dazzled by his cutting language and attention to detail.

“Unsettling as the book’s name may be on first sight,” writes reviewer Wally Keeler, “it is comfortably sequestered in a piece inspired by a neighbourhood verandah gathering, where ‘As dusk tugged us / toward this stuff / we sassed and sauced about / chewing through a plug of notions… / as tea and bourbon were portioned out / … by the woman we loved … / our lexical trill lilting / from the fissures of our throats’”

Keeler goes on to say that “Nixon’s poetry is rich with sharp concise images, a measure of his precision work, surgically cutting out all but the lean, serene sinew of language.”

Edward Nixon is the author four poetry chapbooks: “Nights in the City of the Dead” (Aeolus House 2006); “Arguments for Breath” (lyricalmyrical 2007); “Free Translation” (Cactus Press 2009), and “Instructions for Pen and Ink” (Cactus Press 2010). The Fissures of Our Throats is his first full collection.

To read the full review, you can visit the Northumberland Today website at:

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Sonia Di Placido Reading and Workshop Dates

Sonia Di Placido will be offering a Patricia Louise Lowther poetry workshop starting Saturday, September 13, 2014.

The workshop strives to review the full body of works by pioneering feminist poet Pat Lowther (including previously unpublished and posthumous pieces).

Pat Lowther published her first poem in The Vancouver Sun at the age of ten and went on to publish several poetry collections before she gained broader recognition with her posthumous volume, A Stone Diary, published after she was murdered by her husband in 1977. Even today, she remains a huge influence on generations of Canadian poets involved in making a difference.

In this workshop, Lowther will be studied in depth in  conjunction with discussions about the following: creating and developing a present-day Poesis, voice, style, tastes, technique and the role of individual emotion/anima/spirit in the act of writing Poetry.

Dates: Saturdays, September 13 – November 29, 2014

Times: 11am – 1:00 pm

Location: Chapel, St. Michael & All Angels Church, 611 St. Clair Ave. West

(Southeast corner of Wychwood Ave. & St. Clair Ave. West)

Online: This workshop is also available virtually with weekly updates and

optional inclusion via Skype.

Sonia Di Placido

Sonia Di Placido will also be reading from her poetry collection Exaltation in Cadmium Red. Her upcoming reading dates are:

Sept 13 at 2:50 pm. “Creative on Queen” part of Queen West Art Crawl –

to promote mental health through CAMH and Workman Arts.

Sept 21.  Boneshaker Reading Series Tent at Word on The Street between 1 - 2 pm.

Sept 30. Featured at The Art Bar Reading Series 8 pm at the Black Swan Tavern.

Sonia Di Placido is a writer, performer, and artist currently completing the Creative Writing, Optional Residency MFA Program, with the University of British Columbia. She is also a graduate of the Ryerson University Theatre School and holds an honours degree in Humanities from York University. She has worked as a Supernumerary with the Canadian Opera Company and is a member of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers. Sonia has published profile pieces, creative non-fiction, and poems in literary journals and anthologies.

Copies of her poetry collection, Exaltation in Cadmium Red, can be found on the Guernica Website at:

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Kate Marshall Flaherty Reading at Triptych September 17 from 7-9pm

Katie Reading

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Irene Marques at The Common Monday, September 15th


At 8pm Monday, September 15th, Irene Marques will be at The Common, reading from her latest poetry collection, The Circular Incantation.

She will be reading alongside poets Laurie D. Graham and Harry Giles in an evening that promises captivating and evocative poetry (and a glass or two of wine).

Irene MarquesIrene Marques is a bilingual writer who emigrated from Portugal to Canada at the age of twenty. She has published works in both English and Portuguese and is the author of three English poetry collections: Wearing Glasses of Water; The Perfect Unravelling of the Spirit; and The Circular Incantation: An Exercise in Loss and Findings. She has also published a short story collection in Portuguese titled Habitando na Metáfora do Tempo (‘Dwelling in the Metaphor of Time’). Currently, she teaches at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University.

Marques’ creative writing explores issues of personal and collective identity, mystical and mythical understandings of self, world and universe, gender, race, class, cultural syncretism, the Portuguese colonial wars in Africa and the Portuguese fascist regime. Her narratives abound in metaphorical, lyrical and magic-realist ways.

Her poetry collection, The Circular Incantation, is multifaceted and complex: the intimate personal, the familial and the local appear effortlessly intertwined with the collective socio-political, the mystical, the mythical, the religious, the ecological, the tribal and the cosmic. The often obvious references to specific countries like Portugal, Canada, or South Africa transit into countless other locales, memories and contexts, real or fictionalized, conscious or unconscious, read about and reworked, felt, thought, imagined, re-imagined, pondered upon … One incantation leads to another and another and ass you read it, you become engulfed, expanded, larger than you thought you were.

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B. W. Powe to launch new book: Marshall McLuhan and Northop Frye


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